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As you can see, behind the mandatory closed order from the Governor, the shelter has been quite busy behind our closed doors. Some of these pictures are graphic, but we at the shelter show and tell it like it is. We want people to be aware for many reasons a) they happen right here in our own county, b) cats DO NOT need to go outside and c) when one donates to the shelter, you can see what and where your money is going.


This cutie is Thor, a 7 year old neutered male. He is a laid back guy, very sweet and loving. He loves attention, no such thing as to much petting. He’s good with other cats, no dogs though. Not sure about kids but older would be fine.


This big guy is Optimus, a 5 year old neutered male. He’s a little shy here but is getting better. He likes to talk, he loves when you pet him and likes exploring. He gets along with other cats and older kids but no dogs.


This handsome guy is Matrix, a 2-3 year old neutered male. He’s good with other cats, dogs and kids. He came in with Peanut but they don’t have to go together.


Angel is a 2 yr. old long haired brown tiger that came in as a stray with her 3 kittens. She has beautiful coloring. We had her spayed.


Josephine is a white and gray spayed 8 yr. old long hair. She is a BIG girl! She will require grooming and a diet. She is good with children, other cats and dogs.


Beatrice needs to find her people! This 2-3 year old doll came in as a stray and very much wants that thing called a forever home. She was shy at the shelter so we put her in with a wonderful foster home. Unfortunately even though she thrived in a home setting, the foster homes’ cat didn’t like sharing her mom and dad. So she’s back at the shelter in community cat room waiting. Her foster mom has nothing but good to say about her. Loves giving kisses, head butts, loves sleeping in your lap. Please consider looking at her, she relaxed into a sweet, loving cat in a household almost immediately. Take a chance on her, you won’t regret it.


Archie is a unique cross eyed fella, it just adds to his charm. He’s 3 years old, neutered and has a snuffle that the vet said is just him. He has lived in a busy house with other cats and he loves dogs, and kids were fine. He has very clean habits, he loves food and with a less busy home he will likely show his true colors.


Biscuit came in as a stray on April 23rd. She is a petite thing, the size of a five-month-old kitten. She had been out for months with a mass noted on the left side of her body. Much to our surprise, this mass was almost the size of a softball. There were sores in some spots and it smelled horribly. Despite all this, she was sweet yet very shy. The fact that she lived like this and made it through the winter, we knew we had to try to help her. The vet did an X-ray to determine if other masses were seen internally. Things looked good, and she was spayed along with the mass removal. She did fantastic! What a relief for her to have that tumor removed that was almost half the size of her! We had two wonderful anonymous donors that paid her total vet bill! She has been moved to the adoptable cat room, looking for a home that will give her the extra TLC that she deserves!


Teddy came in as a stray on March 22nd. He was the only one that was already fixed. He had been abandoned in a condemned house! He had a large tumor about the size of a hard ball on the side of his hip. It was quite an extensive surgery with lots of stitches that extended to his tail. He healed up wonderfully and is now waiting to be adopted. He is very affectionate and friendly.


Cliff came in as a stray on April 20th. He had two huge puncture wounds on both sides of his neck indicative of some predator or a bird of prey. He is so lucky he was able to escape. He was given an antibiotic injection, required wound care, and was then neutered. He is super friendly and head butts you so hard that when you are putting his water dish in his cage, you have to watch it does not spill! He is waiting for his forever home.


Gene came in as a stray on April 10th. He is a nice boy that at first was a little shy. He noticeably walked with a slight limp on one of his hind legs. He apparently had been out there a while. When he was neutered, we had the vet check his leg. It was apparent in the past he had been hit by a car, and healed up on his own. He is friendlier now, his coat is nice and shiny, and he too awaits his new home.


Lily is a 3 year old diluted calico female. She came to us as a stray already spayed. She is a shy gal. She is good with other cats and respectful dogs. She would do best with older kids.


Merlin is a 4-5 yr. old Maine Coon mix that came in as a stray. He is a nice quiet boy and was very good when we had to comb out all his mats. We had him neutered.


Finn is a 7-8 year old male. He came to us as a stray and we had him neutered. He is very outgoing and friendly. It is unknown how he is with cats, dogs or kids.


Spitfire is a 4 year old spayed female. She can be sassy at times. She enjoys to cuddle. She is good with dogs. It is unknown how she is with cats or kids.


Aurora is a 1 year old spayed female. She is here due to no fault of her own. She just wants to be with people. She enjoys to cuddle with you on her free time. She is good with other feline friends. It is unknown how she is with children and dogs.


Venus is a 1-2 year old spayed female. She came to us as a stray. She is sweet and quiet. It is unknown how she is with other cats, dogs or cats.


Flo is a 4-5 month old spayed female. She is shy and timid. A quiet home is best so she doesn’t get overwhelmed. She is good with feline friends. It is unknown how she is with dogs and children.

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