ShelterThe Almost Home Animal Shelter is committed to:

  • sheltering and nurturing lost or abandoned pets while seeking  loving caregivers who will provide them with a permanent home.
  • being a community educator for the benefit of its pet population.
  • providing support to the pet caregivers of our community.

Donations to Almost Home Animal Shelter are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. For further information call (906) 774-1005.

The Shelter offers services, such as finding homes for adoptable animals, providing shelter for stray animals and offering assistance to owners and finders of lost animals. In addition, the shelter sponsors various community education and outreach programs throughout the year.

In addition to its paid staff, the shelter is assisted by the efforts of our volunteers who work with the animals in our care and participate in various fundraising programs.

For more information on how to contact the shelter, please visit our contact information page.

We have several senior cats (9 years and up)  that are looking for a wonderful home to spend the rest of their remaining years. They all have had a pre-adoption health check- up, and are all quite healthy. Their adoption fee is $25. Please consider adding a wonderful senior feline to your home!

Thank You!

For the past 6 years Dr. Nowicki has supported the shelter by having Patient Appreciation Day. Existing patients were charged $10 for adjustments on Wed. May 4th in exchange for 5 items for the shelter. The week of May 2nd — May 13th, in exchange for 5 items and a $20 cash donation to the shelter, first visits were at their expense, including a health history, spinal exam, doctor’s report and x-rays.(Retail value $379) My SUV was packed with needed supplies from our wish list! And of course monetary donations help with spay/neutering, vaccines etc…
Thank you so much Dr. Nowicki and your wonderful staff for your continued support of the Almost Home Animal Shelter. We greatly appreciate the support for the wonderful animals that pass through our doors !!!!

Honor your beloved pet’s memory forever with a tribute on our “Paws To Remember” wall.

MemorialWallPictureFor a $100 donation to the animal shelter, we will feature a 5×7″ oak-framed color picture of your beloved pet with first name and 2 lines of personalization. All pet pictures will be on permanent display. Please provide 4×6″ or larger photo (to be returned) or send photo by e-mail.

Call Patti at (906)774-7211 or e-mail Dawn at dawn.caron@att.net

We’re Having a Cookout!

A fundraising event for Almost Home Animal Shelter
Econo Foods, Iron Mountain
Friday, July 15th, 10AM – 4PM
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Sucker Fund Raiser

If you’re a “sucker” for the animals at the Almost Home Animal Shelter, please purchase some Sayklly’s.
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Are you sick of hauling your aluminum pop/beer cans to a recycler?

Are you sick of shoving your returnables into a machine?
Almost Home has a solution for you…….. We take plastic, glass, and aluminum returnable pop and beer cans; and aluminum pop and beer cans for recycling only. We have volunteers that will bring them for redemption. The Shelter and its’ residents benefit from the cash returns. Put bags on the labeled skids in front of the lower level of the shelter. Thank you for your support !!
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