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Phoebe is a high energy youngster that absolutely loves other kitties and does well with smaller dogs. She enjoys spending time with the human foster family, when it’s quiet but wants her own space. She’s not yet comfortable with sitting in a lap or being held and is highly nervous but not aggressive with petting but needs to trust her human before allowing a friendly pet.
She is most comfortable being given space and lots of happy talking to, playing with ribbons or other cat toys. She will even sit in front of her foster mum nightly to play with the laser… every single night- she never misses 🙂
She responds well to her name, loves treats and thrives with a routine. She comfortable and happy knowing what’s coming next. She loves to watch birds and spend time in the catio and we feel she would blossom in a home with another confident, gentle cat or two that would take a mothering role. She can be very boisterous with play so her new house mate(s) should be ready and willing to gently show her who is boss. She a dainty girl but oh, so active. Phoebe is young and is still learning to trust humans but is gentle when being handled. Phoebe would do best with someone with shy kitty experience that has the patience and heart to help her grow into the special girl we know she is. Message Melynie Lynn Makinen for more info.