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Meet Bows (orange and white) and Buttons (grey and white. This is a sad story for these poor kitties. They recently came in due to their owner not being able to care for them any longer. Buttons is 13 years old and neutered. He’s very unsure of all this which is understandable at his age. His health is good, he really enjoys being pet and loved up on. Bows is an 8 year old spayed female. We discovered she had some little bumps on her belly. After a vet visit it was determined it likely was mammary cancer. She is still doing well so we are going to try our hardest to find them both an amazing home for as long as she has to live comfortably. Bows loves to talk, she’s a love bug who can’t get to much attention. If you are willing to open your home and heart to these 2 please let us know😻