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Biscuit came in as a stray on April 23rd. She is a petite thing, the size of a five-month-old kitten. She had been out for months with a mass noted on the left side of her body. Much to our surprise, this mass was almost the size of a softball. There were sores in some spots and it smelled horribly. Despite all this, she was sweet yet very shy. The fact that she lived like this and made it through the winter, we knew we had to try to help her. The vet did an X-ray to determine if other masses were seen internally. Things looked good, and she was spayed along with the mass removal. She did fantastic! What a relief for her to have that tumor removed that was almost half the size of her! We had two wonderful anonymous donors that paid her total vet bill!  She has been moved to the adoptable cat room, looking for a home that will give her the extra TLC that she deserves!