Sera and Beth

   Sera (4 yrs, brown) and Beth (5 yrs) are very sadly here as their owner unexpectedly passed away. These dogs were her children, and very loved. They are both spayed, housebroke, and had a fenced yard to play in. They are good with people, and older children would be best as they are strong. They should meet other dogs in the household and neutered males would be preferred. Both were good with cats. They are very loving, sweet, and well behaved. Beth was adopted 9/12/2018.


Maggie is a 4 year old spayed female, she has really started showing her true personality lately. She is starting to play, she loves having her butt scratched. She may hiss at another cat but she is all talk. She would be a nice cat for a quieter home with a patch of sun she can relax in.