This beautiful boy with the gorgeous eyes is Ozzy, he came in as a stray. He’s about 1 year old and now neutered. He’s got a great personality, likes to play and would probably be fine with other cats.

Olive May

This little doll is Olive May, she is a super friendly 1 year old female. She likes other cats and wouldn’t mind a kid or two to play with. We had her spayed so she will be waiting to meet her new family!


This cutie is Harley, he is a 3 months old shorthaired buff tiger kitten. His sister was adopted. He is a mellow kitten and is already neutered.


Gigi is looking for a quieter home, she’s 5 years old and spayed. She was very loved in her old home but it was a little to much for her. They made the hard decision to surrender her to hopefully find a home she’s happier in. She doesn’t mind kids and perhaps a submissive cat friend.


Claudette is bummed, she thought she was going to be joining her family when they moved. Instead she was brought here. She is a total sweetheart, 3 years old and would adapt to pretty much everything. She is spayed.


This guy is Klondike, he’s a 2-3 year old STRAY. He was living on the streets but not anymore. He likes attention, doesn’t mind other cats and would probably do fine with kids. He is now neutered.


Timmy is giving you the “look”, he’s hoping someone will look into those green eyes and come spend some time with him. He may not act like he likes people but he likes when you pet him. He’s 6 years old, neutered and front declawed. Some cats need a little time to adjust to this change in their life. He is okay with other quieter cats, not sure on little kids.


If curiosity had a name it would be Livey, this beauty is 10 months old, spayed and likes to watch the world. She hasn’t minded the other cats she has been around here. Spend some time with her, she’s hoping someone will see her and take her home!


Are you looking for a curious guy? Felix may be your boy. He’s 6 months old, neutered and is friendly, cuddly and independent. He can play rough with young children so 10 and up is recommended.


Look what big eyes you have.. Squeaky is a 7 year old spayed female. She is friendly, likes dogs and kids. Spend some time with this angel, you won’t regret it!


This gorgeous girl is Nyla, she is 2 years old and spayed. She doesn’t mind other cats, she doesn’t mind kids. She has the prettiest face, just want to cover it in smooches.


This is a face anyone could love, Hinkey is a 1-2 year old spayed female. She is shy in her cage but once she warms up she is a sweetheart. She is good with other cats and respectful dogs. Wouldn’t she look good on your couch??


This girl is a bit unsure of why she is here, Freedom is a 2-3 year old spayed female. She is spayed and front declawed. She likes when you pet her but she is shy. Please spend some time getting to know her and she will show you her true colors. She came in as a STRAY, how can her owner not be missing her??


Look at this big guy! Mannix is a Manx and has personality plus, from the time he got here he has taken it all in stride. He doesn’t mind other cats, he loves kids and I doubt dogs would bother him. He came in as a STRAY and was already neutered.


Railer is a 1 year old stray who we had neutered, he’s all about the love. This guy will do anything to get your attention. You can hear him talking as soon as you walk in, he’s determined to find that thing called a furever home asap. If he gets your attention we are pretty sure you will take this personality plus guy home!


Prince is a 8-9 year old neutered male, he is here with his buddy Ally. He is friendly, curious and cute as a button. He likes other cats, kids and respectful dogs.


Lydia is a 5 year old spayed female, she is sweet and gorgeous. She loves to be loved up on, she is a bit unsure here yet. She is front declawed, likes kids, cats and respectful dogs. She would love to find a home where she can hang with her people.


Bug is a spayed female, she is a sassy gal! She loves attention and tolerates other cats here. She is a beautiful girl, spend some time with her and you will see her true personality.


Ally is a 2-3 year old spayed female, she is here with her buddy Prince. She is sweet, curious and loves attention. She gets along with other cats, kids and respectful dogs. They are here thru no fault of their own.


Sasha is a 7-8 year old spayed, front declawed female. Paisley and her are sisters. They are here thru no fault of their own. They are cuddlers and friendly. They are good with respectful dogs, kids and other cats. They need to stay together.


Paisley is a 7-8 year old spayed, front declawed female. She is here with her sister Sasha. They are here thru no fault of their own. They are lovers, they curled up in my lap and took a nap. They are good with respectful dogs, kids and cats. They need to stay together.


Maggie is a 4 year old spayed female, she has really started showing her true personality lately. She is starting to play, she loves having her butt scratched. She may hiss at another cat but she is all talk. She would be a nice cat for a quieter home with a patch of sun she can relax in.


This unique colored girl is Ali, she’s 2 years old and was a STRAY being cared for by a lady. She had 2 litters of kittens and we were able to get them all caught. It’s her turn to find a home to baby her. She’s a bit shy but once she feels comfortable she talks to you and loves being held and getting scratches. She gives kisses when she likes you. We had her spayed. Ali’s adoption is sponsored in memory of Miles Groeneveld, who loved cats.


Cameo is a 6 mo old spayed female, she’s a bit shy but once you start petting her she warms up. Stop by and meet her, she has a beautiful colored coat. Carter and Camille are my littermates.


Carter is a 6 mo old neutered male, he’s a friendly little guy too. Cameo, Camille and him are all siblings and they all are little love bugs. Stop by and spend some time with them!


Clover is a sweet girl, she came in as a STRAY. She’s friendly, doesn’t seem to mind other cats. She’s hoping she will catch your eye and you will take her home! We had her spayed. She is 2-3 years old.


Elf is a 2 year old male, he loves attention and is super cute. He likes to play and watch things go on from the window. This face is 100% pure curiosity! We had him neutered.


Sybil is a 9 mo to 1 year old female, she came in as a STRAY… brr. She isn’t sure what to think of this place yet. Sometimes things are a little confusing for some. She loves having her itches scratched but might throw in a hiss. She has been all talk though. Spend some time with this big eyed gal and she will show you her true self. She is now spayed.