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This handsome hunk is Julius, a shorthaired orange male. He came in as a stray, he won’t have to worry about the ladies anymore. He’s a sweet boy, shy at first but this is all new. Spend some time visiting with him and maybe he will choose you. We had him neutered. Look at those cheeks!


Shade is another stray, he’s 1-2 years old black male and a friendly little thing. He likes everyone he has met so far. He doesn’t seem to mind other cats and kids he probably wouldn’t mind. Swing by and meet him, he’d love to join your home. We had him neutered.


This guy is Shadow, a 1-2 year old black male. He came in as a stray. He is very curious and seems to like other cats. He likes attention and enjoys his scratchings. We had him neutered.


Jake.. an oldie but goodie. This handsome guy is a 13 year old, brown/black tiger, neutered male. His owner passed away which is always sad for these cats. He was well loved, he is a kind old soul. He’s friendly, a cuddler, and likes to talk. His adoption fee is waived to an approved adopter.


Daisy is a 3 year old calico female, she is spayed and is front paws declawed. She is very curious and likes to watch what is going on. Her owner passed away so she’s confused at what happened. She is friendly and likes to be petted. Come by and spend some time with this sweetie.


Hard to believe that Catbury was not claimed, this sweet girl is a stray and a large cat. She likes attention but can have a little attitude too. Older kids would be fine but no little ones. She is spayed and likes to explore things around here.


This big eyed beauty is Snuggles, a 3 year old black female. She is a friendly little girl, likes other cats (she came in with Mittens). She is cuddly, can be a bit shy and is good with kids. Spend some time with her, she’s a little love. We had her spayed.


This pretty girl is Diamond, she is a 1-2 year old female Tortie. She is an all- around cuddler, some would call her a pro. She thinks kids are okay, especially if they would play with her! She does like to talk too so she would be happy to let you tell her about your day. We had her spayed, come by and visit her.


Maverick is a 1-2 year old grey and white male. He was a stray living in deplorable conditions with 5 others. They were all trapped and put into foster the past 4 months learning how to be successful indoor kitties. He’s shy in his cage but once out he is a big old lover. He rubs on you, wants to be pet and loves being brushed. He doesn’t mind dogs, kids or other cats. Ask to see him out, you won’t regret it. We had him neutered.


This cutie is Michael, a 1-2 year old grey and white male. He was a stray trapped with 5 others living in deplorable conditions. He spent 4 months in a foster home learning to be a successful indoor kitty. It worked, this guy rubs between your legs and loves to be brushed. He’s good with other cats, dogs and loves kids. He acts shy in his cage so ask to see him out, you will be in love. We had him neutered.


Oh what to say about Buzz, a 2 year old black and white male who was a stray. He is all about the love, are you looking for a bathroom buddy?? He will be more then happy to fill that spot, he loves to be with his people. He has yet to meet anyone he does not like. We have not tested him with other cats but more to come on that. We had him neutered.


Meet Armour, a handsome grey male. He came in as a stray so he is in the market for someone who will give him that thing called a forever home. He loves attention, probably would be okay with some kids. He will be waiting for you.. We had him neutered.


This sweet guy is Hamilton, a 1-2 year old stray that was trapped with 5 other cats. They were all living in deplorable conditions and surviving on scraps. He has been in foster for months learning about this indoor stuff. He will need a understanding home who will let him acclimate at his own pace. He is playful, likes to be petted (especially belly rubs). He is fine with other cats, mellow dogs would be okay. We had him neutered.


Fred is a very handsome 2 year old grey tiger male. He is a quiet guy who doesn’t mind other cats or dogs. He loves to be petted and loved up on. He is shy in his cage ask to see him out. We had him neutered.


This handsome guy is an 3 yr. old orange and white male named Pilgrim. He’s got personality plus, you have to meet him to see. He loves other cats, he’d be fine with kids. Stop by and see him in community cat room. He came in as a stray so we had him neutered.


This pretty gal is Fancy, a half Persian grey female. She is 8 years old and spayed and front declawed. She is a sweet thing, loves attention, doesn’t mind other cats or respectful dogs. She likes a bit of alone time but cuddles too! Stop by and meet her, you will fall in love with her.


This handsome fella is Squirt, a 2 year old neutered grey and white male. He is a bit shy here right now but he’s new to the adoptable room. He likes being pet and is okay with other cats and respectful dogs. Stop by and ask to spend some time with him.


Look at pretty Amora, a 2 year old orange female. She is a bit shy here but we are working on getting her more comfortable. She likes other cats, not sure one dogs. She would be best with older kids. A quieter home would be best for her, she would thrive in a home where she felt comfortable. We had her spayed.


My name is Ripley and I am a 2 year old orange and white male. I was also being cared for by a nice person who was feeding me this winter. I wanted to be friends but I was scared. Finally I let myself be caught and I’m happy to be here where it is warm and safe. Please come see me, I will show you how sweet I can be! We had him neutered.


Another black beauty hoping for a home with you! Meet Cinder, a 1 year old female. She is a bit unsure of this new place but she will be fine once settled into a new home. She doesn’t mind other cats and respectful kids would probably be okay. She has a beautiful sleek coat and stunning yellow eyes. We had her spayed.


Remember Hammond? He was here a few months ago but he was returned due to his busy nature. He’s a 1 year old, orange and white tiger male who came in as a stray. He loves everyone, other cats are a plus because a friend would help get that energy out. He would love some kids too, especially if they play with him. We had him neutered.


This beauty is Ember, a big black gorgeous gal. She is 2 years old and spayed. She likes kids and is recommended by to be an only cat. She likes attention and playing, she has a very curious nature. See you soon!


Do you like sass? A little fire? Meet Ruth, she is a beautiful female who came in as a stray. She is 3 years old and loves attention. She would probably do best with older kids who would respect when she wants attention. We tell her that there is someone for everyone so her day will come. We had her spayed.

Jenny Any Dots

Meet Jenny Any Dots! She’s a gorgeous gal who is 7 years old and is spayed. She is particular about other cats, not a fan of dogs. She doesn’t mind kids. Spend some time with her, she may choose you to be her person!