Cans For Critters

Are you tired of hauling your aluminum cans to a recycler?
Are you sick of shoving your returnables into a machine?

Almost Home has a solution for you……..

Cans for Critters

Almost Home has partnered with Schneider Iron and Metal to collect aluminum cans for recycling. We also have volunteers that will bring the returnables to area stores for redemption.cans

Put cans on the labeled skids in front of the lower level of the shelter. We will accept plastic, glass or aluminum returnables. We all win with this program. You can eliminate a task you hate while still participating in a recycling program and the Shelter and its residents benefit from the cash gained from the recycling.

If you haven’t been recycling because of the aggravation of returning the containers please consider saving them for the Shelter. We’ll do the dirty work.

Aluminum (beer & pop) cans for recycling only please. We are not set up to handle other metal such as tin cans. However we will take all returnable containers ….plastic, glass or aluminum……It’s all good!

As always, thanks for your support.